Full Refurbishment and Renovation
 We have a team of highly skilled tradesmen to help create the “dream” home. If you’re buying a property to move into and want it “as new” without having to do all the work yourself, we can help. In addition to undertaking our refurbishment projects we compliment our services with project management to help remove the stress from your own projects.
Interior Design and Home Styling
We work with clients to create modern interiors. We can also offer a “House Doctor” service and would be happy to help you de-clutter, update and give your house that essential kerb appeal.
Furniture Painting and Commission Work
In addition to transforming distressed property we can transform old furniture into beautiful pieces that integrate well with the interior of your home.
Assisted Sale
In the current market many people experience difficulties in getting their properties sold. Due to our extensive refurbishment and renovation experience we also offer an assisted sales service. We are able to advice not just on marketing but on how to achieve a higher price and more quickly too.
We recently helped an elderly couple find their dream home. It needed a full refurbishment so we did that for them prior to them moving in. We also bought their old house so they didn’t have the issues of broken chains, potential buyers traipsing through their home, dealing with estate agents and non-committed buyers. We created a win/win situation and they couldn’t be happier with their new home.
Quick Sale
We work with people who have a range of property problems – some want to sell their house quickly, some can’t sell because they owe too much on their mortgage. We aim to provide a confidential and sensitive service whilst ensuring a fast, hassle-free transaction.
Repossesion Rescue
We can help clients who are going to be repossessed
We will help deal with the sale of a probate property and assist when elderly family members need to downsize.
Investment Opportunities: We offer safe and secure investment opportunities and investors work with us time and time again because they trust us and get excellent returns on their money.
Property Sourcing
For owner occupiers or Buy to Let investors