New Year decluttering – lets start with the kitchen

Along with those New Year resolutions to get fit, do more exercise, eat more healthily, be more organised…do you take a look around the house and think it’s looking a bit shabby and in need of tidying and decluttering, maybe consider a bit of DIY to brighten things up? Before you even consider any type of home decorating, the first job is to get organised. It’s mostly practical common sense when it comes to getting your home organised, but when you’re so used to just getting on with life in a zone that isn’t actually working best for you, we just get used to it.

We have inventive storage tips, clutter-free advice and space saving ideas to put into place straight away. So make everything easier by having a spring clean and creating a calmer place to live in.


Decluttering and organising a kitchen
1) Clear out food
Go through your cupboards and bin any tins or packets long past their use-by date. Put any food items approaching their best-before date at the front of the cupboard.

2) Throw out excess carrier bags
Keep plastic bags in a storage box mounted inside cupboard door. Recycle the excess.

3) Sort out that “don’t have a specific place for it” drawer
Clear out any drawers that are full of unwanted papers, takeaway menus, and old receipts, screwdrivers, drawing pins. Are those “may come in handy” items really useful? have you needed them yet?!

4) Rethink your storage
Buy some tall jars for dried pasta, lentils, rice and cereal so that you don’t have to have unsightly packets on display and get a spice rack to prevent all those annoying little bottles from taking up cupboard space and keep them handy for when you are cooking up a storm. Utensil rails or pots can change the look of the kitchen and make your space more organised.

5) Clean kitchen appliances
It’s a big job, but it needs to be done. Clean out that oven, fridge and microwave, shake your toaster upside down to get rid of old crumbs and descale your kettle. Consider if you really need the storage jars, toaster, coffeemaker, sandwich toaster, rubber gloves, dishcloths……all on show: can you find a sensible space for them in the cupboards?

6) Add drawer dividers
Draw divider will help keep everything in its correct place.

7) Clean the work surfaces clean-top
1) Prevent damage from acids and harsh abrasives by washing with warm or hot soapy water.
2) For light stains try warm water and vinegar.

Stainless steel is great for resisting stains but it will dull over time and show oily fingerprints.
1) To remove rust, mix one part cream of tartar with a little lemon juice and apply the paste to the rust stains and rub in. If the rust is heavily embedded, leave the paste for a few hours. When finished, wipe clean.
2) Get a sparkling finish by removing streaks with baking soda and a cloth.
3) Standing water in a stainless steel basin can cause spotting, prevent this by wiping the sink dry after each use.
4) Remember not to use coarse scouring materials as this will scratch the surface.


You’ll feel so much better after you’ve done this and can see nice sparkly clean clutter free work surfaces.

Next blog – we’ll look at ideas for decluttering the bedroom.