The company currently has local refurbishment projects in progress using our own and investors funds.
One of our recent projects featured on Channel 4’s Beat my Build where we demonstrated a healthy return and a sound investment for one of our business partners.
There are also investment opportunities available right now. Some of these properties are sourced for other investors. Some are acquired by Homes Transformed Limited with the specific intention to refurbish and sell on the open market.
We offer good rates of return on project funds lent to Homes Transformed on a commercial loan basis.
We can also work with joint venture partners where we profit share.
If this is of interest to you please complete our expression of interest form we will come back to you. Please be assured that your details will be held in confidence and not shared with any third party.
Properties can be sourced specifically for Buy To Let investors. We can identify below-market-value property deals to produce cash-flow in the short term and capital growth in long term.
Our current investments are in the Ipswich area and we tend to concentrate on this and the surrounding area as this is the market that we know well and have extensive knowledge and experience in Ipswich. We also have the infrastructure to support our business e.g. relationships with local suppliers and tradesmen.

What type of property investments can we can we source?

Freehold houses

Leasehold flats

Who are our clients?

First-time Property Investors. We have the experience to identify appropriate property. We can Project Manage any clients investments that require refurbishment therefore offering a Hands Free approach for the Investor.

Experienced Property Investors. For those who want to build their portfolio.

Please contact us if we can help you with your property problem or if you’d like to work with us.