Homes Transformed – On National TV

We live in a world where some people view being famous and on television as a career choice. Yet when Channel 4 first approached me about taking part in Beat My Build I actually turned them down.
I was planning to take on a much larger project when they were initially looking for renovators to take part in the show. However that particular project didn’t come to fruition so, after some consideration I thought it could be an interesting experience and agreed to a screen test. Then a property in Philip Road, Ipswich – a run down two up two down – came up and we started filming.
SAM_1038 2The project began at the end of December and we filmed through the coldest time of the year. It was freezing. Painting the exterior was certainly a challenge.
It was so cold it was also incredibly hard to work on the garden – also keeping within a tight budget too without compromising the quality of the end product. I knew the margins were going to be tight but as there was a chance of winning £5,000, I called in helping hands from friends, family, my two sons and their friends too.
My project was in competition with a developer from south London and it wasn’t an easy challenge as at the time of filming the property market  had been quite static for a while.
I’m sworn to secrecy about the result but my property was sold to an investment buyer even before it officially went on sale.
Of course my line of work isn’t the most glamorous – you have to wear overalls when knocking down walls! But to be honest the filming went on in the background and I really focused on the refurbishment project, the competition part was not something I really thought about.
It was just another project that needed to be completed within my usual quick timeframe . I am not really a very competitive person. What I always focus on is doing work of high quality because that’s what’s important.
Beat My Build is broadcast on Channel 4 on November 25 at 11am.