Decluttering the Living Room

Make the most of the weekend and take a trip down to the charity shop – Just don’t bring anything back!
Today we look at common sense ideas in regard to decluttering and organising a living room


1) Choose dual-purpose storage solutions
Save space and avoid the cluttered, ‘we live in a furniture store’

2) Add wall shelving
This is the easiest way get things off the floor and tidily organised.




3) Look for tables with drawers
Or even shelves underneath for those magazines, newspapers and other odd bits of paper that seem to accumulate so quickly.
Nest tables are a good idea, but only if you think you’ll actually use them.

4) Clear away excess knick-knacks
It’s easy for these dust magnets to mount up over the years. But, less can most definitely be move. Empty your shelves and select the items that work best together.



 5) Reduce your CD and DVD collections
Don’t listen or watch them anymore? It’s time for a trip to the charity shop.



6) Consider a wall-mounted televisions
images-7These are a great way to save floor space – if you don’t want your small screen to become a dominant feature of the room, there are cabinets aplenty to keep it and any accompanying DVD player and speakers neatly out of sight.


So get the weekend clearing started and next we’ll look at the Bathroom….see you here in a few days!