Decluttering continued – The Bedroom


Before you consider any major DIY project the ideal would be to make space and get rid of the junk. To continue with the decluttering and organising blogs, we’ll tackle the bedroom next. Most of these are just sensible common sense ideas but they may prompt you into action.



1) Utilise storage space under your bedimages
Use large flat lidded boxes or sliding plastic or wooden trays with castors to make it more accessible. Vacuum bags can also be obtained to go under beds.



2) Use the space on top of your wardrobe

Ideal for items you seldom require, with a mix of patterned and brightly-coloured storage boxes to complement your colour scheme. A hanging or standalone linen bag stowed in the wardrobe keeps dirty washing out of sight.

3) Store shoes
Add a rack inside the cupboard or stash them in fabric hanging shelves attached to the rail. Hat boxes and other lidded boxes also provide great bedroom storage for socks, gloves and scarves if you are short of drawer space.

4) Space saving furniture 
images-5Sliding door wardrobes take up less space than cupboards that open outwards. Use wheelie drawers in cramped bedrooms to give you the freedom to move them round easily and stow them away when not required. Ottomans are multi functional in that they provide seating whilst also hiding away large items such as linens and bedding, however don’t be tempted to pile them high with clutter!

5) Store unseasonal clothes
Keep out-of-season clothes like thick winter jumpers inside luggage so the space is not wasted. Save further space by vacuum packing.

6) Hang up ties, belts and jewellery e6c3357a240306663845042786351258
Purchase tie and belt hangers to get those items tidied away from the ends of beds or strewn over the backs of chairs. Buy a jewellery tree on make a decorative framed board with lots of small hooks to hang the jewellery on.

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