Decluttering and organising the Bathroom and the Hallway

It's the last day of January so lets finish the decluttering before we start those DIY projects. The final blog in the decluttering series: The Bathroom
 and the Hallway The Bathroom 1) Add extra bathroom storage   One of the most inch-efficient ways of adding storage to the bathroom is with built-in units. Freestanding storage units can add style and interest to your bathroom whilst subtracting the clutter.

 2) Store bath toys in suction mounted bags A quick and easy…
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Decluttering the Living Room

Make the most of the weekend and take a trip down to the charity shop - Just don't bring anything back! Today we look at common sense ideas in regard to decluttering and organising a living room   1) Choose dual-purpose storage solutions Save space and avoid the cluttered, 'we live in a furniture store' effect. 2) Add wall shelving This is the easiest way get things off the floor and tidily organised.     3) Look for tables with…
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Decluttering continued – The Bedroom

Before you consider any major DIY project the ideal would be to make space and get rid of the junk. To continue with the decluttering and organising blogs, we'll tackle the bedroom next. Most of these are just sensible common sense ideas but they may prompt you into action.     1) Utilise storage space under your bed Use large flat lidded boxes or sliding plastic or wooden trays with castors to make it more accessible. Vacuum bags can also be…
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New Year decluttering – lets start with the kitchen

Along with those New Year resolutions to get fit, do more exercise, eat more healthily, be more you take a look around the house and think it's looking a bit shabby and in need of tidying and decluttering, maybe consider a bit of DIY to brighten things up? Before you even consider any type of home decorating, the first job is to get organised. It's mostly practical common sense when it comes to getting your home organised, but when…
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Housing and Property Market Predictions for 2014

A boom in transactions is imminent, according to the first major property market forecast for the year 2014 and onwards. Hamptons International say that housing market activity will enjoy double digit growth in the next three years, with transactions back above 1m by 2016. Prior to the financial recession transactions were running at 1.2m per year. The forecast focuses on transaction data rather than house prices, as Fionnuala Early, research director at Hamptons, says these are a "far superior indicator"…
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Our Mission

Now that Homes Transformed’s radio, TV and press coverage has spread the word about our high quality renovations and refurbishments, it’s time to raise awareness of our main passion. We want to help bring disused local housing stock back into use for the local population. One of our main goals is to help provide high quality affordable housing for local people. Last week was National Empty Homes Week. Homes Transformed Limited has extensive experience in working with empty or distressed…
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Beat My Build

Did you see us on Channel 4 on Monday 25th November at 11am? “Beat my Build” followed the full renovation of a terraced house in Ipswich. The property renovation TV show follows two developers working on their projects and the one who makes the most profit wins £5000. Filming started in December 2013 and went on throughout the “Build”. My competitior’s property was a one bedroom flat in South Norwood, London that required minor internal works. Mine was a run down…
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Homes Transformed – On National TV

We live in a world where some people view being famous and on television as a career choice. Yet when Channel 4 first approached me about taking part in Beat My Build I actually turned them down. I was planning to take on a much larger project when they were initially looking for renovators to take part in the show. However that particular project didn't come to fruition so, after some consideration I thought it could be an interesting experience and…
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